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I am a proud lifelong resident of Wilson County and my local family ties go back generations. After graduating from Wilson County Public Schools, I went on to college at UNC-Chapel Hill. Public schools taught me the value of public service and I know I wouldn't be where I am today without the support of dedicated educators. 

After graduation, I returned home to serve the community that raised me and have served on a variety of local non-profit and public service boards. 

I want to make life easier for folks in eastern North Carolina. I will be a champion for affordable healthcare, public education, and economic opportunities.

Dante & his wife Lucy holding a "Dante Pittman for North Carolina House of Representatives" sign


Captain, North Carolina National Guard

Board Chair, Wilson County Department of Social Services

Grants Chair, Wilson County Community Foundation

Board Member, Kiwanis Club of Wilson All-American

Board Member, WhirliDogs Training Center & Cafe

Board Member, Wilson Education Partnership

Board Member, OIC of Wilson

Vestry (Board) Member, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church

Fmr. Board Member, Wilson County Partnership for Children

Fmr. Board Member, Vollis Simpson Whirligig Park

Fmr. Visual Arts Committee, Arts Council of Wilson

Fmr. Board Member, Gig360 Young Professionals

Fmr. Ex-Officio Board Member, Wilson Chamber of Commerce

Fmr. Board Member, Freeman Round House & African-American Museum

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